Tension Curtain Rods

December 4th, 2009

There are different types of curtain rods and my favorite one is the tension curtain rod simply because you don’t have to install fancy brackets or drill any holes to install these tension rods.
You can simply unscrew the inner rail to your desired length and hang.
tension curtain rods are also light weight so you have to make sure that your curtains are not to heavy or else everything will collapse all at ones, to be sure you can also attached 2 small screws on both ends to make it secure or you can purchase the double rod to support the weight.

Most of these tension rods have a rubber on the edge to grip better on the walls but mostly to protect your wall from scratches and ugly marks. You can install tension curtain rods almost everywhere, but there mostly used in bathrooms and outdoor.
Most curtain rod manufacturers do not offer tension rods that are longer than 85 inches because they will sag or bow even if noting hangs on the rods.
For the rods to have there effectiveness is best to place them in small gaps so you don’t have the sag or bow problem.

Tension curtain rods come’s in variety of colors and designs such as chrome, copper, and different colors of black, white or plastic finishes.
Nonetheless tension rods are very easy to install and hang your curtains.
They are cheap as well ranging from $9 to $24 .
They can be found on the internet at major online retailers and offline from hardware and quality improvement stores.